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2010 British Sambo Open

April 11th, Kent England

   Anthony Sansonetti ( Team Renegade ) on behalf of Team American Sambo, represented the United States at the British Sambo Open. Anthony Sansonetti and Doug Fournet became the first members from the USA to ever win  Gold at the British Open!





 90KG Division



Masters 95KG  Division                                                                                                                                                                         

100KG Division



Evolution MMA - March Madness

 March 6th, 2010 - Rahway NJ

    Ben Syers ( Renegade MMA ) made his MMA debut  fighting on the Evolution Amateur MMA card. Ben lost a close decision, but really made it a good fight landing several hard punches and scoring a knockdown, and threw his opponent with a nice Podvhat (Uchimata). He looked extremely comfortable in the cage and represented his team well! Ben is already back in the gym 2 days later, working on his game and preparing for his next fight on July 10th.

The fight can be seen here:  Ben Syers ( Renegade MMA ) vs Alex Bruzzese (Renzo Gracie Denville)


Help Team American Sambo Get To The Britsh Sambo Open

On April 11, 2010- Team American Sambo will be representing the United States at the British Open Sambo Championships in Kent, England.
 The team roster consists of:

Doug Fournet (Gladiator Academy, LA)
Anthony Sansonetti (Team Renegade, NY)
Vincent Beurrier (NY Combat Sambo, NY)
Stephen Koepfer - Coach (NY Combat Sambo, NY)
As many of you know, obtaining sponsorship for Sambo is no easy task as it is a relatively unknown sport here in the US. We at the American Sambo Association are asking all our supporters and fans to consider donating to the cause and assiting our athletes in their journey to represent the US across the pond.

To assist the US Team, please follow the paypal link and donate as little or as much as you would like. Our goal is to raise $3000. All donors will appear on the donor page of this website, unless otherwise directed.

Click Here to donate:    http://rdojo.com/donate/
Yours in sport,
Stephen Koepfer
President, American Sambo Association
Head Coach, Team American Sambo


2009 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships

 October 4th, 2009 - Rahway, NJ

74kg Division
Gold - Tyga Maclin (NY Combat Sambo)
Silver -
Brian Dipentima (Team Renegade)
Bronze - Vincent Beurrier (NY Combat Sambo)

84kg Division
Jeremy Piaser (Team Renegade)
Silver - Preston Gagg (Gigueto)
Bronze - Steve Yokay (Maurice Allen)

 96kg Division
Gold - Chris Rosati (Rosati)
Silver - Carlos Del Valle (Rosati)
Bronze -
Bill Nobile (Team Renegade)


NYC Submission Shootout 3

August 30th, 2009 - Fighthouse, NYC

Welterweight Advanced division181 lbs

1st Place - Jeremy Piaser - Team Renegade

Jeremy Won all of his matches by submission! Also competing for team Renegade - Ben Syers who had some very good matches in the lightweight advanced division, including a submission victory with an anaconda choke. Bill Nobile had 3 very tough matches in the heavyweight advanced division, with 2 matches going to a draw. Competing for the time, Luis Mendoza had 3 exciting matches, including a Keylock submission victory. 


NYC Submission Shootout 2

 May 3rd- Figthhouse, NYC

 Heavyweight division 201lbs +                                                             

   1st Place - Bill Nobile - Team Renegade

Bill won all 3 of his matches by submission! Awesome! Joe Fricione also competed in the advanced 181lbs division. Joe had 2 very good matches vs the winner of the division, grappling to a draw in the first match and eventually losing in the rematch with less than 30 seconds left to go. Joe also had a submission victory in his first match.


2009 US Open Sambo Championships

May 2nd- Rahway, NJ

Anthony Sansonetti represented Team Renegade at the US Open. He had 2 good matches but didn't medal. He had fun and will be back next year!

Renegade Invitational Freestyle Sambo Tournament

 March 29th- Levittown, NY

Adult Division Results:

Open Weight (9 man bracket) - single elimination:

Gold: Doug Fournet- (96kg) (Gladiator's Academy)

Silver: Bill Nobile - (96kg) (Renegade)
Bronze: Vincent Beurrier - (60kg) (NYCS)

84kg/96kg combined division - double elimination (8 man bracket):

Gold: Jeremy Piaser (Renegade)
Silver: Doug Fournet (Gladiator's Academy)
Bronze: Bill Nobile (Renegade)

74kg Division (2 man/best of three)

Gold: Chuck Reina (NYCS)
Silver: Ross Schneiderman (NYCS)

60kg Division - double elimination (4 man bracket):

Gold: Mike Chesbro (NYCS)
: Ben Syers (Renegade)
Bronze: Vincent Beurrier (NYCS)


Childrens Division Results: 

Exhibition Matches

Jeff Hili (Renegade) defeats John Hallman (Renegade) 4-3 in overtime
Steven Dachel (Rosati) Defeats James McDermott (Rosati) 12-6
Ryan Field (renegade) defeats Chris Losak (renegade) 4-3
Nicky Unger (Rosati) defeats Nate Roth Rosati (Rosati) 12-6

Matt Dixon (renegade) defeats Terrence Connors (Renegade) 6-3
Alex Unger (Rosati) defeats Paul Jaechel (rosati) 12-3
Samantha Canavan (renegade) defeats Brittany Waunsch (renegade) 6-3
Daniel Kuhlmann (renegade) defeats John Huller (renegade) 2-0 in overtime

Children's lightweight division

Frank Alexander (renegade) 1st Place
Zach Ricca (renegade) 2nd Place
Michael Losak (renegade) 3rd Place
Noah Roth Rosati (Rosati) 4th Place
Dave Prago (rosati) 5th place
Brandon Moore (rosati) 6th Place


NYC Submission Shootout

Feb 8th- Fighthouse, NYC

Joe Fricione, Ben Syers, and Bill Nobile represented Team Renegade at the first NYC submission shootout. The team had a combined 9 matches, grappling to a draw in 7 of them! 

2009 Ultimate Sambo Grappling Challenge

January 24th- Florida, NY

Light Heavyweight Division                                                                                    

3rd Place - Joe Fricione - Team Renegade

Ben Syers also competed for Team Renegade and had 2 very good matches.  Great job guys!

2008 North American Freestyle  Sambo Championships

October 5th- Rahway, NJ

Tournament results:

Women's Open
1st place -
Christine Sansonetti - Team Renegade
2nd Place - Ariel Elghanayan - NY Combat Sambo

Men's 60kg
1st Place- David Juliano - Ultimate Sambo
2nd Place - Mike Chesbro - Remix Combat Sambo

Men's 66kg
1st Place -
Ben Syers- Team Renegade
2nd Place - Vincent Beurrier - NY Combat Sambo
3rd Place - Alex Ecklin - Brooklyn BJJ
4th Place - David Juliano - Ultimate Sambo

Men's 74kg
1st Place - Tyga Maclin - NY Combat Sambo
2nd Place - Chris Reitz - Alliance BJJ NYC
3rd Place - Farkhad Sharipov - Gracie Barra
4th Place - Reilly Bodycomb - NY Combat Sambo

Men's 84kg
1st Place -
Jeremy Piaser - Team Renegade
2nd Place - Gilberto Castillo - Remix Combat Sambo
3rd Place - Marshall Gelbman - Brooklyn BJJ
4th Place - Vladimir Grinberg - Brooklyn BJJ

Men's 96kg
1st Place -
Joseph Fricione - Team Renegade
2nd Place - Alexius Phoenix - NY Combat Sambo
3rd Place - Cameron Brett-                                                                                                                  4th Place - Khari Russell - Remix Combat Sambo


Another great Sambo tournament this year, Team Renegade took Gold Medals in 4 out of 6 weight divisions - AWESOME!!


2008 ISCF MMA Classic

May 1st through May 4th - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Jeremy Piaser made his Mixed Martial Arts debut at the ISCF MMA classic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The tournament consisted of fighers from all over the United States. Jeremy was one of 8 fighters competing in the welterweight division.

     In his first fight, Jeremy won by Triangle Choke in the 2nd round. In the semi-finals he lost in the 2nd round by Armbar. BOTH fights were against very tough opponents that did not want to quit! Congratulations to Jeremy for winning his first fight and giving it his all to represent Team Renegade.

* A highlight of both of the matches are available on our video page

2008 New England Grappling Challenge

January 13th - Ithaca, NY

Team American Sambo competed in the team tournament at the NE Grappling Challenge. It included some of the highest ranked athletes involved in Freestyle Sambo, 4 of which are from Team Renegade. The team came in a very close 2nd place behind Team Bombsquad. The rules were advanced no gi submission grappling rules.

 The Team consisted of:

Sean O'Brien (Team Renegade, NY)                                                                                                    Doug Fournet (Gladiator Academy, Baton Rouge, LA)                                                                      Anthony Sansonetti ( Team Renegade)                                                                                           Jeremy Piaser (Team Renegade, NY)                                                                                                Reilly Bodycomb (New York Combat Sambo, NY)                                                                                 Josh Alti (TeamRenegade, NY)

 The following team members also competed in the individual tournament:

Advanced division 175lbs- Jeremy Piaser (Team Renegade, NY) 1st place! Jeremy won all 4 of his matches by submission!

Advanced division super heavyweight- Sean O'Brien (Team Renegade,NY) 2nd place silver medal.

Advanced division 210lbs- Doug Fournet (Gladiators Academy, LA) 2nd place silver medal.

Intermediate division 175lbs- Tom Groff (Team Renegade) Tom has been training just over a year and entered a very tough intermediate division for his first competition. He showed alot of skill and held his own with more experienced grapplers! We look forward to having Tom compete again in the future.


2007 North American Feestyle Sambo Championships

October 7th - Rahway, NJ

Official Tournament Results:

Womens Open                                                                                                                              Gold- Christine Sansonetti (Team Renegade, Levittown, NY)                                                            Silver-Charity Robertson (South Mountain Martial Arts, Madison, NJ) 

66kg                                                                                                                                              Gold- Josh Alti (Team Renegade, Levittown, NY)                                                                             Silver- Vincent Beurrier (New York Combat Sambo, New York, NY)                                                 Bronze- Gil Soto (Ultimate Sambo, Florida,NY) 

74kg                                                                                                                                          Gold- Al Iaquenta (Miletich New York, New Hyde Park, NY)                                                              Silver- Scott Yockel (Team Empire, Rochester, NY)                                                                       Bronze- Reilly Bodycomb (New York Combat Sambo, New York, NY)

84kg                                                                                                                                              Gold- Jeremy Piaser (Team Renegade, Levittown, NY)                                                                     Silver- Matt Alti (Team Renegade, Levittown, NY)                                                                          Bronze- Trever Baney (Miletich New York, New Hyde Park, NY)

96kg                                                                                                                                              Gold- Brian Benjamin (Ultimate Sambo, Florida, NY)                                                                        Silver- Serge Gerlach (Cali Combat Sambo, San Francisco, California)                                           Bronze- Chris Lotta (Team Empire, Rochester, NY)

+96kg                                                                                                                                            Gold- Sean O'Brien (Team Renegade, Levittown, NY)                                                                       Silver- Eric Noel (Karate Sportif, Montreal, Canada)                                                                        Bronze- Drew Graziadei (Team Empire, Rochester, NY)

Everyone that competed for Team Renegade took home Gold and won every match they took part in. (Matt and Jeremy tied for first in the 84kg). Congratulations to all!

2007 Freestyle Sambo League Finals

Team Renegade vs Team Empire                                                              

October 7th - Rahway, NJ

ASA Freestyle Sambo League - 10 Minute Matches

66kg- Josh Alti (TR) defeats Elliot Benitez (Team Empire) Rear Kurtka Choke at 8:30

74kg- Scott Yockel (Team Empire) defeats Brian Dipentima (TR) at 7:55

84kg- Matt Alti (TR) defeats Joe Staffieri (team Empire) Armbar at 2:51

96kg- Jeremy Piaser (TR) defeats Chris Lotta (Team Empire) Triangle Choke at 3:30

96kg+ - Sean O'brien (TR) defeats Sarkis Motassian (Team Empire) Injury at 3:23

Official Team Results:

Team Renegade 4                                                                                                      

Team Empire 1

Team Renegade becomes the first Freestyle Sambo League Champions!!

2007 Freestyle Sambo League

Team Empire vs Brooklyn Wrestling club/Team Tatarkin                           

June 24th - New Hyde Park, NY

Team Empire defeats Brooklyn Wrestling Club/ Team Tatarkin 3-2

Team Renegade (Levittown NY) will face Team Empire (Rochester NY) in the finals October 7th.

2007 Canadian Combat Sambo Challenge                                

 May 12th - Montreal, Canada

82kg- Jeremy Piaser wins 1st Place Gold Medal   

Jeremy won his preliminary match by armbar. He won the finals match by continuous strikes  from the mount (TKO - Referee stoppage).

2007 Freestyle Sambo League

Team Renegade vs New York Combat Sambo                                

February 25th -Levittown, NY

League Matches - 6 minute matches:

Female Division- Ariel Elghanayan (NYCS) defeats Alissa Russell (TR) 4-0

74kg - Josh Alti (TR) defeats Alejandro Chang Tang (NYCS) 6-1

74kg - Reilly Bodycomb (NYCS) defeats Brian Dipentima (TR) 8-2 in overtime

84kg - Jeremy Piaser (TR) defeats Tedd Keating (NYCS)  Armbar 1:34

84kg - Matt Alti (TR) defeats Michael Vaysman (NYCS) Armbar at 3:10

Official Team Results:

Team Renegade 3                                                                                                           

New York Combat Sambo 2

Open Weight Coach Superfight - 10 minute match

Anthony Sansonetti (TR) defeats Stephen Koepfer (NYCS) 3-0 at 10 minutes

Exhibition matches - 6 minute matches

96kg+ - Mike Franco (Team Tatarkin) defeats Sean O'Brien (TR) 6-5

Female division- Christine Sansonetti (TR) defeats Ariel Elghanayan (NYCS) Rear Gi Choke at 5:00 minutes





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